Real Estate Transfers: April through September 2019

Source: Assessor Records, Town of Harvard

Seller Buyer Address Date Sales Price
Hugh J. and Laura K. C. Silk Randy S. and Robin H. Naylor 27 Ann Lees Road 04/05/19 $710,000
The Normandin Group at Trail Ridge, LLC Kenley Wasmer 2C Trail Ridge Way 04/05/19 $187,400
The Normandin Group at Trail Ridge, LLC Cheong Seongmoon and Je Haengah 6B Trail Ridge Way 04/08/19 $187,400
Lloyd M. Alderson Edwin K. Barnes and Donna M. Frazier Barnes 174 West Bare Hill Road 04/18/19 $657,500
Harvard Conservation Trustees Jordan Smith and Brent Jamian Sherry Road 04/18/19 $250,000
Two Eighty Five Still River Road Trust Peter Celi and Katherine D. Duffy 285 Still River Road 04/23/19 $472,999
Neil R. and Laura J. Andrews Matthew William Carson 13 Scott Road 04/26/19 $590,000
The Normandin Group at Trail Ridge, LLC Olivia Nakimera 4B Trail Ridge Way 04/26/19 $187,400
Jeanne Capobianco Family Trust Leo Zaslavskiy and Elena Ovlakh 281 Still River Road 05/01/19 $785,000
Joyce D. Socha, Trustee of the 2018 Kenneth Bumpus 67 Finn Road 05/03/19 $453,000
James P. Jr. and Doreen Flaherty Daniela Gonclaves and Brian Tortora 263 Littleton Road 05/23/19 $475,000
Christian G. and Kimberly J. Heinis Mary A. and Arielle Jennings, Joint Tenant 27 Warren Avenue 05/23/19 $594,750
Christopher J. and Wyona M. McWhite Anne M. Trischitta 3 Trail Ridge Way 05/31/19 $480,000
Leo G. Zaslavskiy and Elena V. Ovlakh Jeffrey and Amy Bombardier 79 East Bare Hill Road 06/06/19 $625,000
Robert Hubert and Marianne Lesko Michael J. and Hilary E. Maglothin 7 Old Litleton Road 06/07/19 $776,625
Deng Peitao Susan S. Mitchell Littleton Road 06/10/19 $65,000
Jeffrey Conard and Ann Seery Erik N. Meserve and Sarah S. Tufano 106 Ann Lees Road 06/19/19 $649,000
Jeremy and Erin Blanchard John E. Swanson III and Lisa A.R. Shaw 361 Ayer Road 06/20/19 $500,000
Xiaodong Jiang and Yingzi Wang Michael P. and Sabrina A. Cote 19 Blanchard Road 06/20/19 $640,000
Mark W. and Wendy W. Saydah Michael and Elizabeth Taglieri 273 Littleton Road 06/24/19 $632,000
Susan B. Jackson and Richard A. Rogers Karthik R. Pandian and Paige K. Johnston 49 Littleton County Road 06/24/19 $685,000
Nicholas Kouros and John L. Ritter Mark T. and Joung L. Goulet 185 West Bare Hill Road 06/28/19 $799,000
Gordon and Jessica Finnigan Karen Renee Wunderman 51 Candleberry Lane 06/28/19 $793,000
Brian D. Miller and Robert S. Marshall Dustin W. Cooper and Beth J. Ladew 23 Mettacomett Path 07/01/19 $502,000
Deng Peitao Schowowens Properties, LLC 166 Littleton Road 07/02/19 $560,000
Essylstyn Investment Trust Elizabeth Nees and William Engisch 50 Bolton Road 07/05/19 $570,000
Michael Shear and Laura C. Rogers Trevor W. Nelson Sawyer Lane 07/10/19 $475,000
Trustees of the Fifty-four Sixty Trust Christopher James, Jr. and Meredith DiSilva 11 Finn Road 07/11/19 $467,150
Dianne M. Newton Sara Vandecarr and Amanda Smith 182 Prospect Hill Road 07/15/19 $679,000
Angus B. and Mary Jacqueline McAlpine Sarah and Jason Pertoso 204 Littleton County Road 07/24/19 $760,000
Lawrence Malam and Teresa Wilson Phoebe Heffron and Russell Berger 105 Slough Road 07/29/19 $859,000
Edwin W. and Deborah J. Noyes Carolyn C. Carbonell 80 East Bare Hill Road 07/29/19 $630,000
Terry and Jennifer R. Dexter Juan C. and Erica L. Chavez 211 Stow Road 07/30/19 $515,000
Lisa D. Martineau-Shaw Amy Salveggio 13 Finn Road 07/30/19 $415,000
Jo Nicewicz Carville 1999 Trust Debra-Ann Clapp 36 Slough Road 07/30/19 $1,220,000
Kenji and Victoria Hayao Jack and Lena Kouyoumjian 1 Simon Atherton Road 07/31/19 $755,000
Keller Johnson Investment Trust Petros Psathas and Zoi Sofiadou 292 Still River Road 07/31/19 $800,000
Andrew T. and Donna J. Hebb Glen M. Cooper and Asha D. Ramakrishna 23 West Bare Hill Road 07/31/19 $448,000
Trevor W. Nelson Gillian Kruskall and Jesse Leddick 32 Sawyer Lane 08/07/19 $675,000
James E. and Ruth Ann P. Bakun Devin E. and Laura B. Shane 308 Still River Road 08/07/19 $350,000
Sylvio J. and Kathleen F. Brule Tyler B. Horton 24 Craggs Road 08/09/19 $490,000
S. Abayasekara and E. Kumarasinghe Stephen P. and Carol E. Baraldi 15 Littleton Road 08/12/19 $437,000
Matthew Noon Andre E. and Julia L. Wu 90 Warren Avenue 08/14/19 $300,000
Roger Boggs Sandra Femino and Shawn E. McCollim 16 Ayer Road 08/16/19 $478,000
Stephen A. Kuss Catherine Hope Warner and Pradeep Singh 154 East Bare Hill Road 08/22/19 $640,000
John C. and Judith B. Gustafson Lindsay Swain and Samuel Hunt 220 Old Littleton Road 08/23/19 $1,025,000
R. Leslie Jr. and Mary Jane Shelton Christopher A. and Alison E. Hardisty 201 Bolton Road 08/30/19 $565,000
John W. Hawksley Quentin and Audrey Elias 34 Finn Road 08/30/19 $530,000
Benjamin Hill Franck Legrain and Elisabet Takehana 9 Warren Avenue 09/03/19 $588,000
Wang Tianyong Robert A. and Janet M. Williams 236 Ayer Road 09/06/19 $770,000
Susan D. Downing Brian Hogan 61 Woodside Road 09/06/19 $675,000
Lisa A. Daigle Jonathan Thomas and Meghan Elizabeth Levy 62 Still River Road 09/09/19 $365,000
Benjamin R. and Terrilyn Baron Lawrence F. Feinberg and Jennifer S. Lee-Feinberg 145 Harvard Depot Road 09/13/19 $415,000
Callahan Realty Trust DKMP Realty, LLC 262 Ayer Road 09/27/19 $700,000
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