Harvard By the Number$

 In the Nov. 6, 2009 issue, the budgeting process was described.

In the Nov. 13, 2009 issue, the turmoil of fiscal 2009 was described, including the mid-year cuts in local aid from the state.

In the Nov. 27, 2009 issue, the kickoff of the fiscal 2011 budget process was described, including the Fiscal 2011 Budget Memorandum sent to all boards, committees, commissions, and departments with budget responsibility, which requested two budgets—one at the same dollars as the current year, and one at five percent less.

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Bird House Organic Land Care Mike Moran Painting
Harvard Press Classified Ads Jo Karen
Erin McBee, Attorney Kitchen Outfitters
Heather Morton Bull Run Restaurant
Lisa Aciukewicz Photography Apex Painting
Platt Builders Jenn Russo, Realtor
Dinner at Deadline Harvard Custom Woodworking