Harvard By Design

 Harvard has many planning processes, conducted on varying schedules, which, taken together, prescribe action plans spanning years, even decades. The processes, and the plans that document their results, have a common objective―making (or keeping) Harvard the kind of town its residents want. They serve as blueprints to guide elected officials as they prioritize and direct town resources within annual operating budgets.

Harvard By Design is a column in the Press that reviews plans, including the planning period, who the planners were/are, highlights of the plan, and prescribed actions.Once published, such reviews will be archived here, including the full text of the underlying plans.

Master Plan - The 1969 Master Plan, and the 1988 updated plan, were reviewed in the issue of Sept. 25, 2009. The 20-year vision and the goals of Master Plan 2002 were reviewed in the issue of Oct. 2, 2009, along with a discussion of the proposed implementation approach. The action plan details, and status seven years into the plan were reviewed in the Oct. 9, 2009 issue.

Housing Plan - The 2004 Affordable Housing Plan was reviewed in two parts, Oct. 16, 2009 and Oct 23, 2009.

Open Space & Recreation Plan - The 2008 draft Open Space and Recreation Plan was reviewed in the Nov. 20, 2009 issue.

Bare Hill Pond Watershed Management Plan - First reported in 2004, updated in 2010 in a March 12 "Consider This" column and public forum March 18, 2010 at Volunteers Hall.

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Lisa Aciukewicz Photography
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Camp Nashoba
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Harvard Press Classified Ads Kitchen Outfitters
Flagg Tree Service Harvard Custom Woodworking
Lisa Aciukewicz Photography Dinner at Deadline
Apex Painting Camp Nashoba
Erin McBee, Attorney Pinards
2017 Harvard 4th of July Bull Run Restaurant
Warren Harrod
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