My Real Life
Anyone stopping by my house recently surely realized right away they were in a weed wonderland. As in, “I wonder why she hasn’t weeded this mess?” I hate weeds as much as the next person, and try to avoid it as much as possible by laying down mulch in the spring. During May and June I’m pretty good about keeping up with the stragglers that poke through an opening in ... Read More
My Real Life
Last week the blistering heat and humidity sent my husband and me packing for the beach with our grandkids, who had come for a visit. I cautioned everyone to bring a sweatshirt, just in case. And sure enough, it was overcast, very cool, and windy when we got there. That didn’t keep the kids out of the water, though. They rode the waves until their lips were quite blue... Read More
My Real Life
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My Real Life
Doctors and nutritionists tell us that being more mindful about our eating can help us keep the pounds off. They advise us to chew slowly and savor every bite. Mindful eating in a broader sense—knowing where our food comes from—may change the way we think about what we eat. Take chickens, for example. Who doesn’t love a plateful of chicken wings at a barbecue on a wa... Read More
My Real Life
If you’re not into family research, you might not know that genealogy—the study of your family’s lineage—is one of the hottest hobbies around right now. The Internet has advanced family research by light-years, with millions of records available to the family researcher online. It is now easier than ever to connect with distant, previously unknown cousins who are rese... Read More
My Real Life
One pastime I’ve become reacquainted with since my retirement is genealogy, the study of family history. I was heavily involved in it for a long time, and then other things crowded in on my attention and time. A couple of months ago I met a woman who was deeply embroiled in family research and was making plans to have her research put into book form. That prompted me ... Read More
My Real Life
A favorite saying of mine is from John Lennon’s song “Beautiful Boy”—“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” In my life, today, that usually means Booker. Booker is a mixed-breed dog we got last year from the Sterling Animal Shelter, after a number of years of having no dogs. My husband swore we were done with dogs, while I was never quite... Read More
My Real Life
I think I must be on the mailing list of every catalogue known to man—despite having tried to get off all the “junk mail” lists. A few years ago I realized how addicted I was to reading through most of them—and how prone I was to ordering from them. So I decided to implement a hard-and-fast throwaway rule: when catalogues arrive in the mail, just pitch them into the r... Read More
My Real Life
I would have thought that, three months into retirement, I’d have made a big dent in my to-do list by now. But it seems my time has been divided between the garden and the kitchen, with kitchen time growing as summer has waned. My time has been spent “putting food by,” and I’ve done more canning, dehydrating, and freezing than I’ve ever done in my life. My pantry is f... Read More
My Real Life
I didn’t finish laying mulch around my garden in the spring, and I’m paying for it now. The hot, humid weather in mid-summer kept me away from the garden for too long, and now, in addition to late-season tomatoes, beets, carrots, and potatoes, the garden is now filled with a healthy crop of weeds. I find that weeding can actually be a very relaxing, soothing activity... Read More
My Real Life
This is an insanely busy time of year for me. Tomatoes are weighing heavy on the vine, farmers’ markets and farm stands are flush with fresh produce, and it’s nearly time to start putting the garden to bed. The biggest thing that occupies my time as the harvest comes in is canning, and now, because I’m retired, I can do more of it! Yay! My son is apt to look at thing... Read More
My Real Life
Six years ago you never would have pegged me as a chicken owner—and neither would I. But five years ago I learned there are a lot of good reasons to become more self-sufficient when it comes to sourcing your own food, and I eventually decided that a flock of chickens could be one small step toward food security. Five years ago I learned about the forecasted peak in w... Read More
My Real Life
This year marked my fourth summer of hosting “Camp Grandma.” A woman I know does something similar each year, but her name for it is much more creative—“Camp Runamok.” (And her name for it is probably more appropriate.) I took on the camp challenge four years ago as if it were a “real” camp. I set up a spreadsheet and created a schedule day by day, hour by hour. As I... Read More
My Real Life
This may be the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, but with the heat wave we’ve had, I’d dub it Year of the Snake. Snakes love hot weather. They love to lie around in the driveway and warm up, and when they get too warm, they retreat to the cool shade of the lawn. I’ve seen several this summer. And have I mentioned that I HATE snakes? I do. I really hate them. Just thinking... Read More
My Real Life
I’ve been gardening just about all my adult life. Each year I get a little better at it. And in addition to what I’ve learned about growing things, I’ve discovered that some things will grow in my yard in spite of me, not because of me. Over the years I’ve had a number of “volunteers” spring up in my yard, plants that just decided they wanted to grow here (with a litt... Read More
My Real Life
Retirement—it’s finally here. For years I’ve told people that work just gets in the way of my real life. Although for many people work is their real life, not so for me. As much as I appreciate the many jobs and careers I’ve had and how they’ve helped me change and grow (and pay the bills!), I always longed to be home, pursuing my heart’s desires. And now, here I am. ... Read More
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