Halloween Snowstorm and Murders

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Oh my heavens. What gorgeous and anxious writing, Jonathan. I know your heart of hearts. I can appreciate the emotion of the grisly end. Chez nous ici a Foster, the deer and rabbits destroy Tom's lovely plantings. And now the woodchuck...under the front porch. Two woodchucks, actually. One gone now... None of these losses compares. of course, to heritage chickens.
Someday I'll share with you my tale of woe during Hurricane Irene...with Tom in Australia playing with venomous snakes and presenting at a conference. And me. Here. No power for 7 days. But now the gorgeous generator. The one that makes everything work including computers. She is a beauty.
James Champavert
Jonathan... I know there's not much to the thing. But couldn't you at least make mink earrings or just a single mink ring from what you have? Repeat after me: "Realistic, isn't it. No, it's fake." -- Jim
Jonathan--So sorry to hear about your loss! That must have been devastating. Glad you caught the S.O.B.
I vote for the deep fried mink chips. hope they were as yummy as they sound :)
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