Retiring Broke

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Barbara Talley
Could you tell me the source of the study that says " four out of every ten people retire involuntarily/'
Chuck Yanikoski
Hi, Barbara --

I'm sorry I don' t have a specific citation for you. My recollection is that the numbers came from a study funded by MassMutual, and that it was at least a half dozen years ago (i.e., prior to the recession). It received a lot of play -- I remember hearing about it on the radio. Much more recently (within the past week) I saw a number from a new study that was more like 47%, but I don't remember exactly, and I don't recall who did the study, so this isn't a lot of help to you. I mention it, though, because this is apparently an issue that people are increasingly tuning into, and whatever my original source was, there is probably something much more recent.

--Chuck Yanikoski
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