The Financial Burden of Long-Term Care


Marty Green
Here's another issue--you can't even apply for Medicaid until your assets are down to $2000 (so my disabled friend has been advised). BUT it takes some time to be approved for Medicaid--longer than $2000 will last these days, in terms of paying for round-the-clock care. So what does he do in the gap?
My friend has been advised to put his few remaining assets into a "pooled trust" so that he can begin the application process. The whole process is so complex and expensive that even a lawyer who specializes in geriatric issues and a professional care manager have been unable to give timely advice to protect his interests.And that does not even begin to address the issue of getting him to follow the advice . . .
Chuck Yanikoski
You're right, Marty, this is a highly technical and difficult situation, and I can't claim it as my own specialty. What I would advise you and your friend, if it hasn't been tried already, is to get in touch with one or more of the pooled trust funds directly. It's in their interest to make this as easy as possible (though "easy" is a relative term!).

There is summarized information about Medicaid pooled trusts available on the MassHealth website ( Next, check out the website of the Family Trust of Massachusetts ( Contact them directly, and see if they can't cut through some (though surely not all) of the nonsense. These are people who deal with these situations every day, certainly more than I do, and even more than "elder law" attorneys and geriatric care managers. If Family Trust of Massachusetts can't help, try one of the other funds.

If you want, let us all know how it turns out.
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