Make Your Own Wild Raspberry Liqueur

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Lynda King
I'm with you on black raspberries! I have some that were so pervasive I decided to give them space of their own, and now have a long patch right next to my driveway. The location is a bit inconvenient, but that's where they like to grow. They've rewarded me with black raspberry liqueur and black raspberry jam so far.
Judy Warner
I love wild blackberries and used to make a great, similar liquer with a slightly different process. The sheep ate all the bushes though. Anyone have any wild blackberries to share??

Jonathan Feist
I do have extras you can have, Judy! Let's e-mail to coordinate it.
Judy Warner
Blackberries? or raspberries?
Jonathan Feist
These are raspberries, sorry. Hollow center. I haven't seen wild blackberries here.
Here in Canada we call them blackberries and they are not related to raspberries at all.
Jonathan Feist
Blackberries are different. Raspberries have a hollow core, blackberries have a solid core.
Gary Minnoch
Here in Western Washington we call them Blackcaps...I have always used them for jam because of the flavor and small seeds. I do make schnaaps with my red raspberries, my recipe uses a bit less sugar and more berries...only because I have a lot. I add a cinnamon stick to every batch. All my ingredients go in a jar together and sit for 3 months or more. I will try the black raspberries next year if I can harvest enough wild plants to fill a row in my garden this winter. thanks for the info

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