Killing Mice


Lynda King
Don't waste your time with a "professional" exterminator. All they do is set traps and poison, I found out. Like you, I live in an antique, famous in mousedom for the nooks and crannies in the fieldstone foundation that let them in to get warm. Frustrated with our own attempts at getting rid of them, we called in the pros, and realized we could do what they do for a lot less money. I don't think there's a magic bullet out ther---but let me know how you make out with your new weapon!
Sable Greene
Dear Jonathan,

I find your blog a bit obsessed with mice. You seem to have devoted a great deal of thougth into the torture of mice.

Have you perhaps tried figuring out how these mice are getting into your house in the first place? Seems like a losing battle indeed to wait with your electrocuting device for more and more mice to find thier way to you. As for the trees, ticks, etc--welcome to nature.

Although I'm sure if we were to ask a mouse what they must think of you, their answer no doubt would be unflattering. Either way, we become better people when we stop this antagonistic relationship we have with other animals. Perhaps you should figure out how to live with these wee critters, rather enter into this silly game you've got going.
Don Busiek
Does the Victor trap continue to work and do you recomend it?
Jonathan Feist
It does continue to work.

I'd say, I recommend it with reservations. This is the third one I've bought. The first one, not to get too gross about it, had a mouse in it for a long time, and I decided to toss it rather than clean it. The second one arrived defective: started smoking as soon as I turned it on for the first time, so I returned it. The third one has now trapped six mice and is going strong.
Lynda King
Hi Jonathan,
Someone told me about a garlic spray he used that has worked great for him in repelling mice and snakes, along with the ticks it's advertised to repel. Here's the website:
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