Recycled Roast Chicken Trilogy

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marcie donahue
Just the title alone reminds me of a story of my own "recycled roast chicken". Every year in early Feb the Harvard Cub Scouts holds a dinner (The Blue & Gold) to honor the achievements of the scouts. People sign up to bring a dish. One year, when we had a rather serious den leader (think drill sergeant), I offered to bring an antipasto salad. In a rush, I grabbed one of two identical green platters in my fridge (not even noticing the other one) which was wrapped in aluminum foil, went to the event, and set it out on the buffet. All the platters were unwrapped later on by someone else, and so when it was my turn to take my plate up to get my dinner, I said to the person behind me, "why would someone put out a picked over roast chicken? Yuk", only to gasp in total shock and angst in recognizing the green platter, and realizing that this was MY very picked over roast chicken from three nights ago, and not the beautiful antipasto. Needless to say, I did not earn a badge for chef of the night, and the den leader did not find it funny, but I sure have had a lot of laughs!
-Marcie D
Jonathan Feist
Ewww! *LOLOL*
martine sacks
to add a new twist to the roast chicken - brown it on all sides - even turning it up on end - in your dutch oven on the stove top before popping in the oven. it cooks in less time - only about an hour in the oven. i use the time while it is browning to chop up the vegetables and then throw the whole mess together into the oven at once.
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